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Configuring Your Superset: Automatic start

To configure Apache Superset to start automatically at system startup on a Linux system, you can use a system service manager like systemd. Here are the steps to create a systemd service for Apache Superset:

  1. Create a Superset systemd Service Unit File: Open a text editor to create a systemd service unit file for Apache Superset. Use the sudo command to edit a file in the /etc/systemd/system/ directory:
   sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/superset.service

Add the following content to the file:

   Description=Apache Superset

   ExecStart=/path/to/superset/bin/superset run -p 8088


Replace /path/to/superset with the actual path to your Superset installation and your_username with your username.

  1. Save and Close the File: In Nano, press Ctrl + O, then Enter to save the file, and Ctrl + X to exit.
  2. Reload systemd: After creating the systemd unit file, you need to reload systemd to read the new configuration:
   sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  1. Enable the Service: To ensure that Apache Superset starts automatically at system startup, enable the service:
   sudo systemctl enable superset
  1. Start the Service: You can start the Superset service immediately with:
   sudo systemctl start superset
  1. Check the Service Status: You can check the status of the service to ensure it’s running:
   sudo systemctl status superset

This should display information about the Superset service, including whether it’s active and running.

  1. Reboot Your System: You can also test the automatic startup by rebooting your system:
   sudo reboot

After the reboot, Apache Superset should automatically start.

Please note that the instructions above assume that you have Apache Superset installed as described in the previous response. Adjust the paths and configurations in the systemd unit file as necessary if you have a different installation setup.

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