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Terms & Conditions

By accepting our services, you (“Recipient”) acknowledge and understand the following Terms & Conditions set forth by S.O.S. - PC Data Recovery ("SOSPCDR") and agree to abide by them until the end of your professional relationship with SOSPCDR or upon the completion of services provided by SOSPCDR.

  1. Submission of Media

    By submitting media, the Recipient authorizes SOSPCDR and their employees, partners, affiliates and subsidiaries, and any persons functioning under their permission or authority, to begin the data recovery process including all involved tasks necessary. The Recipient understands and agrees that SOSPCDR will not be held responsible for any damages acquired during shipping. The Recipient also understands and agrees that any damages acquired during shipping and delivery are a result of poor packaging, improperly followed shipping instructions provided by SOSPCDR, extreme weather conditions or unforeseen delivery circumstances, such as accidents and courier incompetencies, or any other circumstances that may cause damage - none of which SOSPCDR will be held accountable for.

  2. Diagnostics

    Upon receipt of your media, the Recipient understands that SOSPCDR will conduct thorough diagnostics during which time a quote will be set.

  3. Unresponsiveness

    Once diagnostics have been completed, the Recipient will receive an email and/or phone call for a go-ahead to begin the recovery process. If attempts to contact the Recipient fail, or if SOSPCDR does not receive a confirmation within 2 weeks time (commencing from the first contact attempt), SOSPCDR reserves the right to dispose and/or salvage the Recipient’s damaged media as they see fit.

  4. The Data Recovery Process

    1. SOSPCDR does not guarantee the recovery of any data. The Recipient understands and agrees that their data may not be recovered. The Recipient also agrees that in the event that data may not be recovered from their media, SOSPCDR will not charge for their services however the Recipient is still required to pay shipping fees if they want damaged media back. The Recipient also understands that their media and/or data may be damaged during the data recovery process. The Recipient agrees that they will not hold SOSPCDR and any employees, affiliates, associates, legal representatives or any persons functioning under their permission or authority, responsible or accountable for the damages resulting from attempted data recovery.

    2. The Recipient agrees and acknowledges that there is a chance that data may not be recovered during the data recovery process or may only be recovered partially. In the event that only partial data has been recovered, SOSPCDR may choose, by their own discretion, to adjust the finalized price that was agreed upon by both parties prior to service commencement. The Recipient also understands that payment, whether in full or in adjusted form, is necessary for the receipt of any recovered data. The Recipient reserves the right to decline making the full or adjusted payment and understands, acknowledges and agrees that by declining to make the full or adjusted payment, they will not receive any recovered data.

    3. If the Recipient does not provide an alternate media storage device, SOSPCDR will store all recovered data on a DVD media storage.

  5. Return Time

    The Recipient agrees and acknowledges that all diagnostic, recovery and return times provided either in person, via phone or through the SOSPCDR website are all approximate and may be subject to change depending on client location, delivery times and outstanding circumstances. The Recipient understands that the estimated times provided are not official dates nor promised return times.

  6. Data Disposal

    The Recipient acknowledges and agrees that if the agreed-upon full payment, or adjusted payment as set forth by SOSPCDR, is not made within 90 days of data recovery completion, SOSPCDR reserves the right to dispose of your original media and any recovered data or backups.

  7. Recovered Data

    The Recipient understands that their recovered data will only be returned after their payment has been processed. The Recipient also reserves the right to ask for the return of their original media. The Recipient agrees that SOSPCDR will not be held responsible or accountable for any damages that may occur during return shipment or delivery including, but not limited to, extreme weather conditions, unforeseen delivery circumstances, accidents or courier incompetencies.

  8. Payments

    The Recipient understands that data may not be recovered during the retrieval process. In the event that data is partially recovered, partial being anywhere from one file to most, SOSPCDR may reduce the finalized price and a payment of this adjusted price is still required for the return of any recovered data. The Recipient also agrees to fulfill their part of the contract by completing the full or adjusted payment after the retrieval process even if some data may still be missing, corrupt, unattainable or lost. By processing the commitment deposits you legally bind yourself to go ahead with the recovery, audio restoration, enhancement or any other service you may request with us. All outstanding invoices must be cleared and paid for once the requested service has been completed and released.

  9. Refunds

    S.O.S. - PC Data Recovery does not provide refunds for completed services or for additional replacements fees, donor drives and any other components that were purchased with the services.

  10. Warranty

    If the Recipient does not provide an alternate media storage device, all their recovered data will be burned onto a DVD disk provided by SOSPCDR. The DVD disk provided by SOSPCDR has a 30-day warranty and will be replaced should it fail within a 30-day period starting from the day of receipt by the Recipient. Recovered data that was lost as a result of a failed DVD disk will also be replaced free of charge within the 30-day warranty period.

By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, the Recipient hereby releases, discharges and agrees to save harmless S.O.S. - PC Data Recovery, their heirs, legal representatives or assigns, affiliates, employees, partners and all persons functioning under their permission or authority, or those for whom they are functioning, from any liability of any failure, intentional or otherwise, to recover data and/or any damage, intentional or otherwise, for all media types including, but not limited to: hard drives, flash drives, USBs, RAID/servers, databases, desktop and laptop computers, CDs, floppy disks, mobile devices, portable devices, tapes, personal folder files or any other media submitted to SOSPCDR by the Recipient.

By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions the Recipient also warrants that they are of legal age of majority in their country of residence and are the legal owner or the authorized representative of the legal owner of the media and/or device that will be submitted.